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by Susan Cross | Posted: February 4th, 2011 | 1 Comment »

You’ve decided this is the year to overhaul your health. You’re following a better nutrition program, you’ve begun to exercise and you are feeling better about YOU!
One of the questions I am often asked is “what supplements should I be taking?” I figured you might be wondering that too. When we walk into a health food store, there are so many choices and it can be overwhelming. Well I have done so much research on this, and VIB would love to share it with you.

There are also conflicting theories on supplementation. Some offer that if you are eating a diet rich in whole foods, fruits and vegetables, you don’t need extra supplementation. I disagree. Our bodies are bombarded with toxins and pollutants. From the air we breathe, the depleted soil, the nutrient empty foods in our grocery stores and the added daily stress, we need supplements more than ever. I read a recent study that said our food is ten times less nutritious than it was one hundred years ago, due to all the reasons cited above!1vitamingroup

I believe that extra supplementation is necessary for optimal health. There are many nutrients that the body, either doesn’t make on its own or doesn’t store. For many of us, especially if we are over 35, we also begin to lose enzymatic function. This means that we don’t absorb all of our nutrients the way we used to. I can tell you from personal experience that I notice a huge difference when I go off my supplementation. This is a personal choice, and should you decide you would like some extra support, below is a list of the most important vitamins and minerals. I could just give you a short list with all the supplements listed, but at VIB, we believe that you should really be informed about what each supplement does and why our body needs it. You will then be able to make a choice about which is right for your body.

Everyone should take a good multivitamin everyday. Who couldn’t use a little extra support and protection? Make sure to buy a whole food vitamin – not a vitamin filled with sugars, yeast and fillers. Reading labels on vitamins and supplements is very important. Not all vitamins are created equally. Most drug store brands are not quality supplements (One-a-day, Centrum, Walmart, Duane Reade brands).

Some excellent whole-food vitamin brands are: Seroyal-Genestra (my personal favorite), Metagenics, Biotics, and Douglas Labs. Many come on the market so if you know of a new, really great high quality brand, write in and tell us, we want to know.

Please note: Those little red gummy vitamins that little Johnny takes each morning are filled with sugar, corn syrup, starch and red food coloring. We don’t want you to feel badly, you didn’t know. In fact the opposite is true, we think we are giving our children a good start and extra support. So let’s make some changes…

I use Genestra liquid Multi -Vite-Min and I give my son Genestra chewable kids multi vitamins. They are tablets, no animal shape in sight, but none of the bad stuff either.
If you take only one other supplement, besides your multi, this super immune fighter, should be it! Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D. This powerhouse protects you from cancer, has been touted as preventing swine flu, boosts overall immunity and helps bones grow. I use Douglas Labs Liquid Vitamin D3, one dropper contains 10,000 i.u’s. Just put a dropper into your smoothie.

VITAMIN B Complex:
Most of us are deficient in B vitamins.The B vitamins are a chemically related family of nutrients that work as a team. They have mood boosting properties and also help cells burn fats and glucose for energy. Others help make neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. B’s assist with the production and repair of DNA. There are many additional health benefits from B Vitamins: relieves pms, lowers cholesterol, reduce heart disease risk, reduces stress, anxiety, depression, gives the body anti-oxidant protection particularly to the cells of the brain and central nervous system. Helps attention span, memory and thinking.

I take Genestra Brand liquid B Complex and when I am traveling I take Genestra Orti-B Complex. This is a specialized B complex that helps reduce stress and boost serotonin.

Venus tip: Anyone on birth control pills should take B vitamins, they strip the body of these precious B’s. Also is you suffer from bad PMS it is recommended to take a separate B6 all by itself, in addition to your B-complex.

Vitamin C is one the best anti-oxidant and anti-aging vitamins. It is the best supplement for adrenal fatigue and is great for boosting immunity. Vitamin C really needs to be taken each day, 2-3 times a day. It cannot be stored in our body. Not only can C not be stored in our body, but we can’t make our own vitamin C, it must be supplemented by an outside source. This is due to a enzyme deficiency in the human liver.

Venus tip: Most of the powdered packaged C’s aren’t great quality, they are mostly sugar and best to avoid.

Vitamin E is the generic name for tocopherols. This vitamin is known as the anti-aging vitamin – making skin and hair beautiful. It has a few other jobs as well; tocopherols are known to reduce breast, colon and prostrate cancer, improve metobolism and immune system, staminam and increasing fertility. Vitamin E is also a potent antioxidant and scavenger of free radicals. Vitamin E is not produced by our body and has to be obtained from our diet or supplementation. I like Liquid Aqua-E by Douglas Labs – has been specially formulated to provide water-soluble vitamin E, which can be of particular importance for those that may otherwise have difficulty with this nutrient’s absorption and utilization. Aqua E promotes liver, bowel and pancreatic health and support the optimal functioning of the immune system. Vitamin E is one of the body’s most important antioxidant nutrients.

Calcium and magnesium balance each other in the body and are two of the most important minerals that we need for optimal health. Supplementing with calcium helps the body in many ways. Calcium builds and maintains bone and teeth, regulates heart rhythms, relieves insomnia, helps to assimilate nutrients in cellular membranes. Calcium is also needed for proper nerve, muscle, and kidney function. Calcium deficiency can result in arm and leg muscle spasms, brittle bones, rickets, poor growth, osteoporosis, tooth decay, and depression.

Magnesium is a mineral that is potentially involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. Magnesium plays a crucial role in regulating the neuromuscular activity of the heart, maintaining normal heart rhythm, converting blood sugar into energy, and metabolizing calcium and vitamin C properly. Deficiency of magnesium can result in calcium depletion, heart spasms, nervousness, confusion, muscular excitability, and kidney stones.

I use Bluebonnet Liquid Calcium/Magnesium – I just pour it into my smoothie each morning.

We need selenium for our immune system. Selenium can also help against the toxicity of heavy metals – especially mercury. Selenium is needed for optimal function of our metabolism, hormonal functions and thyroid in.It neutralizes the effects of free radicals. We used to get it through our food sources, as a mineral from the soil. Because our soil is so sadly deficient, we have also become deficient.

I use Biotics Brand Liquid Aqueous Selenium – a wonderful product.

This vital mineral works hand in hand with Selenium to produce Super Oxide Dismutase and Glutathione Peroxidase. All you need to know is that they are two of the most powerful anti-oxidant/Anti-Aging enzymes in the body. Zinc is a vital component of more than 300 enzymes that are needed to help us heal, remain fertile, help cell reproduce, boost immunity and protect the body against free radical damage.

I use Metagenics Liquid Zinc – love it!

Found in fish, Omega’s are good fats that can’t be made by our body. Omegas are essential for brain health, reducing inflammation in the body and for reducing heart disease. They actually maintain blood vessel health and reduce triglycerides from circulating in our blood. Omega’s also boost mood and aid depression. A true super supplement.

I use Genestra SEP EFA’s soft gel tablets.

BODY BALANCE: I have used this product religiously for about 5 years. Body Balance liquid offers naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and enzymes in their natural liquid format to include: 23 vitamins, 74 minerals, 3 essential fatty acids, 21 amino acids, 7 enzymes – nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. Body Balance promotes intercellular health, metabolic processes, Sustained energy levels, increased cellular oxygen Ph balancing, helps thyroid imbalances and adrenal fatigue, and heals anemia.

There are many, many other wonderful supplements. However, we are focusing on supplements that will benefit everyone.

Feel Good!

Susan is a wealth of information on any subject she touches. I have used a number of the supplements she recommends above, and I have seen such a difference in my health and energy! Not just anecdotal, mind you! I see big differences in the numbers that come back from the doc! But the best part is the overall feeling of balance... see how it works for you!


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